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Accessibility statement

An accessible website is a website that allows people with disabilities to browse the site with the same level of efficiency and enjoyment as the surfers.

Amy Metom considers it of paramount importance to make its website accessible, believes in and works for equal opportunities in the Internet space for people with various disabilities and people who use technology that helps use the computer.

We made sure this site is accessible in order to enable the browsing experience for the entire population and for people with disabilities in particular.

The site was built in accordance with the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities (Accessibility Adjustments to the Service) Regulations, 2013 and was made accessible according to the WCAG 2.0 standard (Level AA)

Clicking on the accessibility button will open the accessibility bar with options for matching the texts on the site: enlarging the text, changing colors.

If you have any difficulty browsing the site and viewing it, we apologize and will be very happy for you to draw our attention to it.

Contact information of our accessibility coordinators in our company

Hagit Inberg – Director of the Haifa Head Office


Shlomit Kahrizi – Director of the Tel Aviv Office