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Transportation Planning and Microsimulation

Ayalon District Transportation Studies

בדיקות תחבורתיות במרחב איילון

Design period: Since 2020 and ongoing

Client: Ayalon Highways

Project location: Metropolitan Tel Aviv

General description: Study of basic alternatives for the Ayalon Corridor that includes 5 multimodal transportation centers and the execution of macro and micro transportation studies with the purpose of improving accessibility of the various modes of transportation to these centers (including public transportation and non-motorized and pedestrian traffic).

Amy Metom's role on the project: The design team included expert consultants in the fields of public transportation, forecasting, traffic engineering, strategic planning, and micro and macro simulation for the design of transportation center models. Two foreign consultants were included in the design team – one in the field of multimodal transportation center, design and the other in the field of simulations. Transportation Consultation for the Municipality of Haifa 2030 Administration